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   The art gallery at Podere Mollano is part of a project that gives artists from mainly Eastern European countries the opportunity to create artistic works in the cultural environment of Tuscany, Italy.

 The aim of this project is to provide an exchange between East and West, to present interesting artists and their works, the majority of which are not yet known to a larger public in Western Europe.

 An exchange of artistic ideas amongst the artists themselves also occurs as they work and live together in residence.

 For further details and pictures of the artistic works, please refer to >> Art Gallery
 The greater part of this collection represents Slavic art. The pictures and sculptures are for sale.   For more details and the price list:

Podere Mollano
 Georg Jiri Los, the proprietor of Podere Mollano is a Czech-Swiss citizen who was born in Prague.

 He is a sculptor and architect, who has for many years been preoccupied with the idea of setting up a "centro dell'arte" - a cultural centre in Italy, the country of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, as well as other great artists.

 He purchased Podere Mollano in 1988 and had it renovated with great effort. Various Eastern European artists have been invited and created their pieces of art there. Their art is currently exhibited in both his gallery at Podere Mollano and abroad.

   For further details and pictures of Podere Mollano, please refer to >> Podere Mollano